When we think about having sex with a person, there has to be some sort of spark to turn us on.  This spark is what ignites sexual desire. We cannot “mate” with someone who we find disgusting.


The spark

There has to be enough attraction for us to want to have sex with a person. There is physical attraction, which might make us feel horny just by looking at the person. Then, we can also be attracted to their minds or to their other qualities, such as the person being successful.

Physical attraction

The first attraction that will usually happen is physical, and that could lead to the courtship ritual for sex dating. Note, that what typically fuses us to have a relationship is what is in between our legs. At times, committing to a person because of the way they look so that we can continuously ‘fuse’ with them can be a mistake.

An ignited fire

Our emotions usually get the better of us, leading us to all sorts of wrong decisions. We might want someone as they create as a spark that leads to consuming desire. The thing about those flames of desire is that when it is satisfied, it might not be that easy to put out. The fire of passion, once ignited, can be like smoldering embers.

Emotions lead us

Amidst all the emotions that we feel, such as lust and love, there is a chance that we can mix it up. We might want someone so badly that we become obsessed with being with them. The fine demarcation line between lust and love is difficult to define, as we do get lead by emotions.

In lust or love

It takes emotional control not to be swept away with dreams of love, forever and a day. If we think matters over, we would realize that it could just be based on physical attraction. The thing is, our hearts can control our minds making us lead ourselves into believing that we are in love, instead of being “in lust.”

Within the bounds of marriage

It may seem difficult to go sex dating without tying up our emotions, but it is possible. If we think about the social norms, especially during the past few decades, if a guy wants to have sex with a decent woman, they have to get married. With the ownership and possession of a “wife” comes along the jealousy. Whatever fused them can be the desire for sex, and traditionally, you can only have sex if you are married.

Being real

We live in times that people are more real and shed off the binding trappings of society’s norms. We accept that not all sexual relationships are conducted within the binds of marriage. It is no longer scandalous to discover that a single person has casual sex

Casual sex

To get casual sex, one can get to meet people through adult dating apps. When you find a date, you can have sex with that person without getting tied up in emotions. There’ll be no strings attached and you’ll get rid of all those complications that happen because of emotional attachment. 

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